21 Cards Rummy for Beginners: How to Get Started and Improve Your Game

21 Cards Rummy for Beginners: How to Get Started and Improve Your Game

After mastering the 10-card and 13-card rummy, you can move on to the bigger leagues. You must gain experience in taking on the 21-card rummy because that’s the king of all the rummy games. Without a doubt, 21-card rummy is one of the most difficult types. You can download colour rummy app and earn money online.

Every round will take a lot of patience, time, and strategizing. So, if you wish to make your game of 21 cards rummy more intriguing, the foundation step is understanding where to begin. Welcome to this post that enlightens you about how you can improve your game while playing 21 cards rummy.

Introducing you to 21 cards rummy: How to Play and What to Know?

Truth be told, 21 Cards rummy is one of the most challenging gaming versions available in any Indian rummy game. It is one of the most popular variants of rummy games that Indians love to play a family get-together or during times of boredom. Now with the inception of smartphones, the 21 Cards rummy has been taken online.

So it means that the players who wish to take advantage of online card games can also play 21 cards of rummy. If you wish to enjoy the game on any digital platform, it is time to learn further about the rules and jargon. So, without further delay, it is time to read the following pointers in brief:

Having originated from the points rummy, every round of 21 cards rummy requires immense patience and time. Going by the name, this rummy variant is dealt with by every player. The rules are similar to the basic rummy games. While picking or discarding a card, you will find that the rules are quite similar to the basic game.

But note that there are additional rules of Tunnela, Dublee, upper & lower jokers. In this variant, the cards should be melded with specified rules. If you wish to win the game, you must remember these rules. After getting familiar with the playing strategy of 21 cards games, you can understand more about scoring and rules.

Understanding the 21 Cards game jargon

Before beginning your gaming journey, you must understand a few things. One of them is familiarizing with the rules and jargon of the 21 cards games. On this note, here’s presenting the list of rules and jargon to know further:

Cut Jokers

After dealing your cards to players in the game, the card presented on the top from the stockpile will become the cut Joker. For instance, when 5♥ is your topmost card, understand that 5 of the suits might be used as jokers for forming sets and sequences.

Lower Joker

The card that is of the same suit and ranks below the cut Joker will become the lower Joker. Let’s take the example of 4♥, which is the lower Joker.

Upper Joker

The next is the upper Joker, which is the card that ranks above the Cut Joker. Note that it is of the same suit as your Cut Joker. Here, the example of the upper Joker is 6♥.


The dublee is the pair of 2 matching cards of the same rank & suit of the two Jokers. The Joker can never be used with other cards if you intend to form a Dublee. The best example is 6♦ 6♦ is a Dublee.


Marriage is the combination of three cards comprising one Cut Joker, one Lower Joker, and one Upper Joker, but they must be of the same suit. The best example is 5♥ is your cut Joker, then   4♥ 5♥ 6♥ forms the marriage. Suppose you have a marriage in your hand. In this case, you will have a total of 100 points from every non-dropped player.


The last one of the Tunnela, which happens to be a set of 3 cards having the same rank & same suit. For example, 6♥ 6♥ 6♥! Note that you cannot use a Joker with two other cards if you wish to form a Tunnela.

Outlining the Rules of 21 Cards Rummy in Brief

Let’s present the rules of 21 cards:

  • Three Pure sequences should be declared alongside the remaining cards arranged in sequences or sets. (note that Tunnela is a pure sequence’s part).
  • Three tunnelas should be declared, but you need to arrange them in the right order.
  • Eight dublees should be declared, and the rest does not need any specific arrangement (each pair should be arranged & sorted into respective groups)
  • Eight jokers should be declared in one single group (during declaration, the whole joker cards should be arranged & sorted in a specific group)

So, these are the things you need to understand before you get your hands on 21 cards rummy online. On the other hand, if you want to DP image collections in WhatsApp refer to this article.

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