Love Is a Mess

She is my friend from school.

After a long summer school vacation, I see her.

But her silly eyes attracted me so much.

New feelings penetrated into me.

And again, my mind told her to see her face.

I’m just a little bit, smiling at her cheeks.

She saw me with a little smile.

The flow of my heart pumps that fly in jet speed at that moment.

I’m asking myself what happened to me.

After that, I did not speak to her in general, but I noticed her talking.

My eyes hesitated to talk to her.

I started walking here and listening to her.

That evening was not known.

The two hours we spoke gave me an electric current.

After that, we got a call from someone on the phone.

Both of us left.

I could not answer the deep questions that arise in me on that day.

Will she have this feeling in me? With a thoughtful, though.

I spent the rest of the night with her memories.

Manoj P

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